Quality policy.

SIDERKEMCO approach to quality aspects have been always one of the most important priorities , in the year 1995 quality Certification BS EN ISO 9001 :2008 have been implemented regularly and monitored to the highest standards to all our production facilities include instrumentation and assemblies.

In 2019 SIDERKEMCO has also been certified & registered for Occupational Health & Safety Managing System ISO 45001-2018 and Environmental Management System ISO14001-2005, these important certifications leads SIDERKEMCO among world manufacturer’s standards in this specific sector.

Maintained periodical audits and survey by qualified expertise, all to confirm quality policy and keep all SIDERKEMCO products among to the world standard levels.
BSEN ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015 ISO 45001:2018
The Quality Policy is as follows:

It is our first priority to meet the demands of our domestic and foreign customers completely, this in the desired quality and on time! We believe that the quality of our products and services will determine the satisfaction of our customers. Increasing customer satisfaction is our most important goal.
All our employees are responsible for their produced quality. For this, we give importance to the training of our employees and ensure that they receive the necessary training. Continuous improvement of our quality level in our production facilities will ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained and increased.
In order to improve our competitive advantage and increase our profitability, we aim to reduce inefficiency costs (unnecessary transportation, unnecessary stock, loss of labor, loss of machine time and material loss, etc.) and use our resources effectively and efficiently.
With the awareness that quality input is a prerequisite for quality products, we see our suppliers as an integral part of our system and business partners.
As SİDERKEMCO, we undertake to comply with legal requirements and national and international law. By complying with the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard and continuously improving its effectiveness, we will achieve the above-mentioned goals.

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy are resumed as:

In all our activities the principle is, "Human First" keeping the philosophy of ‘’Living in harmony with nature’’; We provide a safe and healthy working environment considering occupational health and safety as the first priority in all our activities, minimize occupational health and safety risks by observe and improve the measures that are determined from continuous risk analysis.
We identify the environmental impacts that occur as a result of our activities assuring that the wastes generated are recovered as much as possible minimizing when recovering it is not achievable, these wastes are disposed without harming the environment preventing environmental pollution, appropriate improvements and sufficient dedicated technological developments and innovations are also implemented.
We comply with legal obligations regarding occupational health, safety and environment, sharing the same environment in cooperation with our employees, suppliers, official institutions and stakeholders, we aim to increase our performance by taking and implementing all measures related to environmental occupational health and safety, we encourage compliance with the determined rules, increase awareness and provide continuous training to gain individual responsibility.
Use a life cycle approach that is preventing the environmental impacts increase outside the system, granting control and influence the production, distribution, consumption and disposal of the product and sharing environmental information with the relevant parties.