SAMPLING / DUAL / GET measure in molten iron.

SAMPLING / DUAL / GET measure in molten iron. 
SIDERKEMCO sampling line CIA –GIA is specially studied in order to grant a representative sampled molten iron  to laboratory analysis for foundries , for Channels, torpedo’s ,Ladles , sampling is taken by manual lance or Automatic dipping systems manipulators ..
SIDERKEMCO Sampling line is granting a rapid sample release from probe , suites also most of the world standards, medal thickness is varying according to request from 4 mm - 6mm - 8mm - 10mm - 12mm and 20mm, diameter of the medal is 35mm .
Pin samplers are also supplied in different diameters and configurations
CIA – GIA series sampler assure in iron perfect white matrix avoiding ( no  presence of  free graphite matrix ) , this is a must if the customer request’s a very accurate C% analysis .  
Available also DUAL / GET Measuring  probes ( Temperature & Sampler ) .
Particularly matching  the  world standards for robotically automatic sample handling  from immersion sequence up to the last laboratory holding point .