NON IRON Oxygen activity measurement . 

NON IRON Oxygen activity measurement . 
SIDERKEMCO Oxygen Measuring line TEMPOX-CU for molten Copper is composed by a very precise and fast expendable  probe and an electronic reliable high precision  reading instrument , generated signals are conveyed  to the instrumentation throughout  necessary  hardware ( immersion lance & cable / or wireless systems ).
On immersion practice Standard  probe lengths are available , special lengths are also designed according customer request .
Measuring sensors  and reading instrumentation are designed to fit  world standards .
SIDERKEMCO Temperature and  Oxygen measuring line assure an accuracy of 0+3 °C following quality standard BS EN ISO 9001-2008  and is available according following ranges :
Calibration  ‘’S’’ Pt Rh 10%
Calibration  ‘’R’’ Pt Rh 13%
Calibration  ‘’B’’ Pt Rh 30% - Pt Rh 6%  

Measuring electronic Equipment  LQD-TOCA III TS-CU
 ‘’ Wall mounting version’’ steel case IP54