Hydrogen measurement  in molten steel  during production. 

SIDERKEMCO On-Line Hydrogen measuring system for Dissolved Hydrogen in molten steel with SAMP IN HYDRO III D in :
Ladle , Tundish, ingot moulds, induction furnaces , holding furnaces, VOD, ect ect
Measuring line is composed by a very precise and fast expendable  probe SAMP IN HYDRO D and an electronic reliable high precision  reading instrument  , sampled carried gas is  conveyed  to the instrumentation throughout  necessary  hardware ( immersion lance & Hose   ) Sievert’s law formula is than used to convert partial pressure into ppm .
The SIDERKEMCO’s Hydrogen immersion Vacuum Equilibrium Analysis System is operated directly on the site operator floor, measures directly and fast  the  amount of hydrogen dissolved in molten steel.
The direct  quick and fast determination of the Hydrogen content in molten steel  today is the MUST in modern steel  making , when it is dissolved in the molten steel hydrogen effects steel  properties significantly.  The  accurate instant measure of hydrogen during melting process is an important  factor to achieve very high level of steel quality .
Hydrogen in molten steel have a negative diffusibility feature and therefore may generate  danger levels of porosity ,  furthermore  induce sticker type breakouts at the continuous casting machine mould.
Direct reading with SAMP IN HYDRO III D is a guarantee and avoid the  use of inaccurate and time taking standard hydrogen sampling methods , .
SAMP IN HYDRO III D include a dedicated function for a automatic complete check-up of all IN-OUT pneumatics and analyse circuits , final display graphical trend report is shown on colour touch screen nearby measuring point
The analysis instrument and system controls are contained in a single steel board  self-contained enclosure, calibration of H2 sensor easy and performed locally near measuring point.
On immersion practice Standard  probe lengths are available , special lengths are also designed according customer request .
Measuring sensors  and reading instrumentation are designed to fit  world standards .